A Conference Of Xi'an

Sep 18, 2019

Our company attended a conference on 18th,Sep. 2019. The theme of this conference is Breakdown Points of Foreign Trade Enterprises in the Age of Anti-Globalization.

At the beginning of the conference, director Wang of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce delivered a speech. From January to August 2019, the export volume of Shaanxi Province dropped significantly. Last year, the growth rate was 29.3%, and this year's growth rate was only 0.9%. After director Wang, the CEO of SEO company delivered a speech about the history of their company.


Next is the most important part of the meeting. JAC teacher analyzed the global market positioning under the Sino-US trade war. The market positioning is subdivided into three modules, one is regional positioning, the other is industry segmentation positioning, and the third is supply chain positioning. Only by doing these three modules can the company survive in the current market environment.


At the end of the meeting is the part of everyone’s speech and summary. Through this study, we have learned a lot, which has a good guiding effect on our future work, and hopes that everyone will realize the seriousness of the current market through this study.

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