What benefits does the Inulin 90% 95% Chicory Root Extract powder have?

Oct 19, 2020

Inulin 90% 95% Chicory Root Extract powder is a reserve polysaccharide in plants, which mainly comes from plants. More than 36,000 kinds of inulin have been found, including 11 families including compositae, platycodonaceae and gentianaceae in dicotyledonous plants, and liliaceae and panicaceae in monocotyledonous plants. For example, the Jerusalem artichoke, the tuber of endive, the tuber of dahlia, and the root of thistle are rich in inulin, of which the Jerusalem artichoke has the highest inulin content.

90% 95% Chicory Root Extract powder is colloidal form contained in the protoplasm of the cell, and starch, it is easy to dissolve in hot water, add ethanol from the water precipitation, and iodine does not react. Moreover, inulin is easily hydrolyzed into fructose under dilute acid, which is characteristic of all fructan. Fructose can also be hydrolyzed by inulase. Both humans and animals lack enzymes to break down inulin.

It is an ideal functional food ingredient, and also a good raw material for the production of oligosaccharide, poly fructose, high fructose syrup, crystalline fructose and other products.

Chicory Root Extract powderInulin 90% 95% Chicory Root Extract powder

1.Cholesterol lowering,

Intake of inulin can effectively reduce serum total cholesterol (TC) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (ldl-c), increase the ratio of high-density lipoprotein/low-density lipoprotein, and improve the status of blood lipids.

2.Reduce the blood sugar.

It does not hydrolyze to monosaccharides in the upper part of the gut, so it does not raise blood sugar levels

3.Regulate intestinal microbial flora, improve intestinal health, prevent constipation.

Inulin is a naturally water-soluble dietary fiber that can hardly be hydrolyzed and digested by gastric acid, and is only used by beneficial microorganisms in the colon to improve the intestinal environment.

4.Inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products, protect the liver, prevent colon cancer

At present, inulin has been widely used in middle-aged and elderly milk powder, milk tablets, beverages, herbal tea. Although there is no inulin-added baby milk powder in China, more and more foreign baby milk powder with inulin-added began to enter China. There is no doubt that inulin-added baby milk powder is harmless to the health of infants. With people's deeper understanding of inulin, it is believed that inulin will soon become a new star in China's food raw materials.

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