It turns out that apple peel extract, quercetin can delay aging too!

Apr 08, 2021

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a well-known health proverb.

However, research shows that the best way to eat apples is to eat them with their skins.

Apple peel extract

According to the latest issue of "Nature Medicine", American researchers have found that the combination of dasatinib (a leukemia drug) and quercetin (an apple peel extract) can extend the life of elderly mice 36 %.

Senescent cells usually appear in the human body in their 60s, but appear earlier in obese people or patients with chronic diseases.

These abnormal cells are in a state of decline, but they are not willing to die.

Some people believe that senescent cells themselves catalyze the aging process.

A research team led by James Kirkland at the Mayo Clinic in the United States proved that this is indeed the case.

When the researchers injected small amounts of senescent cells into 6-month-old mice, their speed, endurance, and strength dropped by 20% to 50% within a few weeks, almost at the level of a typical 2-year-old mouse.

In order to block the effects of senescent cells, the research team chose a combination of dasatinib and apple peel extract, because both interfere with the way senescent cells avoid death.

When the research team gave the combination drug to young mice that were aging due to the injection of senescent cells, the physical capabilities of these mice recovered 50% to 100% within two weeks.

When the research team gave the drug to elderly mice aged between 24 and 27 months, the speed, endurance, and strength of these mice increased by 30% to 100%, and their remaining lifespan was shorter than those of the untreated elderly The rat is 36% long.

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