Do you really know sea-buckthorn?

Jul 09, 2019

Scientific Name of sea-buckthorn is Hippophae rhamnoides Linn. It distributed in North, Northwest, Southwest and other places of China.

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The roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of sea-buckthorn, especially roots are rich in nutrients and biological active substances, which can be widely used in many fields of national economy such as food, medicine, light industry, aerospace, agriculture, husbandry and fish industry. Seabuckthorn fruit contains a variety of vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, linoleins, seabuckthorn flavonoids, superoxide and other active substances and various amino acids needed by the human body.


We are professional manufacturer of sea-buckthorn extract powder and sea-buckthorn oil.

They are widely used in food, health care products and cosmetics which are suitable for people of all ages! After physical labour, eatting some sea-buckthorn can help you relieve fatigue. When taking sea-buckthorn for long time,you can have smooth and healthy skin.


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