Do you know what effect Apocynum venetum extract has brought to us?

May 18, 2021

Apocynum venetum extract is the whole plant extract of Apocynumvenetum L., a plant of the Apocynaceae family. It mainly contains flavonoids such as rutin, hyperoside, quercetin Chemicalbook, rutin, kaempferol, etc., which can reduce blood pressure and reduce blood pressure. Fat, soften blood vessels, strengthen the heart, soothe the nerves and help sleep, degrade cigarette poison, moisten the intestines, and improve immunity.

Apocynum venetum is also known as Jijima, Zeqima, safflower and wild tea. It is the whole plant of Apocynumvenetum L., a plant of Apocynaceae. Perennial herb, 1 to 2 meters high, the whole plant contains milk. Stem erect Chemicalbook, glabrous. Opposite leaves, oval or oblong-lanceolate, 2 to 5 cm long, 0.5 to 1.5 cm wide, round or wedge-shaped at the base, blunt apex, with thorn tips extending from the midrib, slightly curly edges, smooth and hairless ; The petiole is short. Flowering from June to July. Fruit period from August to September (northwest, northeast). It grows on the sandy texture of river banks, ravines, and hillsides. Distributed in Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu and northern Anhui.

Apocynum venetum extract

1. Effects on the cardiovascular system

In dogs and cats, intravenous injection of Apocynum venetum leaf decoction resulted in a significant drop in blood pressure, which could be reduced to 69.4% of the normal level. Apocynum venetum extract orally or intraperitoneally injected into rats has a significant and lasting antihypertensive effect on rats with renal hypertension. In addition, the ethanol extract of Apocynum venetum also has the effects of lowering blood lipids, improving heart function, inhibiting platelet aggregation and delaying aging. 2. Impact on 2. Blood System

The administration of Apocynum venetum extract has an inhibitory effect on the platelet aggregation induced by thrombin and ADT in rats and humans, and the administration in guinea pigs has an inhibitory effect on the platelet aggregation induced by APP, which increases as the concentration increases.

3. Hypolipidemic effect

Apocynum venetum water extract has a significant effect on reducing the serum TG value of hyperlipidemia induced by Triton in rats, but there is no significant difference in the serum TC value of hypercholesterolemia induced by feeding high-fat diet. The ethanol extract of Apocynum venetum also has the effect of lowering blood lipids.

4. Antibacterial effect

Apocynum venetum water extract has inhibitory effects on acidophilus influenzae, Staphylococcus aureus, catarrhalis, pneumococcus, etc.

5. Effects on the respiratory system

Apocynum has a good expectorant effect, can promote sputum secretion and tracheal cilia movement.

6. Effects on the central nervous system

Apocynum venetum leaf extract has a certain sedative and analgesic effect. The more polar parts in the ether extract of Apocynum venetum and the less polar parts in the ether extract of water extract have sedative substances. β-toxin hair convolvulus K has a sedative effect at therapeutic doses and can prolong the effects of other hypnotic drugs (such as chloral hydrate, isopentobarbital, etc.).

7. Immune function enhancement

Intraperitoneal injection of Apocynum venetum leaf polysaccharide can prevent mouse spleen and thymus atrophy caused by cyclophosphamide; intraperitoneal injection of rabbits can increase immunoglobulin G; subcutaneous injection of mice can enhance the phagocytic function of peritoneal macrophages.

8. Anti-aging effect

Apocynum venetum can reduce brown pigment and lipid peroxide in the liver of experimental animals, increase the antioxidant enzyme activity of glutathione peroxide and other antioxidant enzymes, increase immune function, prolong animal survival, and improve the memory and resistance of mice to a certain extent. Fatigue ability. Apocynum extract tablets can only improve a few symptoms of aging and distance vision, and have certain effects on reducing serum lipid peroxides, increasing hair zinc, and increasing male plasma testosterone. Apocynum venetum Ethanol Chemicalbook extract can prolong the life of fruit flies, promote animal immune function, reduce serum lipid peroxide levels, and reduce the production of artificial cataracts. In vitro tests have obvious anti-free radical effects.

9. Anti-mutagenic effect

Apocynum venetum leaf dry extract is administered to mice at 500~2000mg/kg, it has no micronucleus effect on mice bone marrow polychromatic erythrocytes; it has anti-micronucleus effect of cyclophosphamide within the dose range of 250~1000mg/kg. And the antagonism has a dose-effect relationship.

10. Heart strengthening effect

The extract of Apocynum venetum root can increase the contraction amplitude of the cat's heart in vitro and in situ, the heart rate slows down, and then arrhythmia, and finally the heartbeat stops in the systolic phase.

11. Resistance to radiation damage

Apocynum venetum leaf extract 2 g/kg intragastrically, 0.5 g/kg intraperitoneal injection, for 15-20 days, can prolong the survival days of 60Coγ-ray irradiated mice, increase the survival rate, and increase the number of blood white blood cells. Quercetin 30 mg/kg gavage also has the same effect. Therefore, it is believed that the anti-radiation effect of Apocynum venetum is related to quercetin.

12. Diuretic effect

The apocynum venetum leaf water extract and the burning residue of the extract have diuretic effects. The total urine output of rats 6 to 24 hours and 24 hours after oral administration of the apocynum leaf water extract increases by 50.60% and 32.28% respectively. At the same time, the urine sodium and Urinary potassium excretion also increased correspondingly, but there was no significant difference in urinary potassium and urinary sodium concentrations between the administration group and the control group. After 30 minutes of intravenous injection of Apocynum venetum leaf extract in rabbits, urine output increased significantly, and urine sodium and potassium excretion did not increase significantly. After intravenous injection of Apocynum venetum leaf water extract in dogs, the urine output of each phase increased significantly within 60 minutes, and the output of urine sodium and potassium also increased correspondingly, but the concentration of urine sodium and potassium were lower than the level before the drug. The burning residue of apocynum venetum leaf extract has a rapid and strong diuretic effect on rabbits, but the duration of action is shorter than that of the extract.

13. Antidepressant effect

Apocynum venetum leaf extract showed antidepressant effects in the forced swimming experiment in rats. Acute preconditioning administration of Apocynum venetum leaf extract was 125 mg/kg, and multiple administrations of Apocynum venetum leaf extract were 30 mg/kg and 125 mg/kg respectively. The immobility time of rats was significantly shortened. , This effect is equivalent to imipramine.

Nature and flavor are sweet, bitter, cool, calming the liver and soothe the nerves, clearing heat and diuresis It is used for liver-yang dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, edema, oliguria, hypertension, neurasthenia, and nephritis.

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