Do you know the function and use of ginger extract?

Apr 08, 2021

1. The field of dietary supplements
Existing research and practice have shown that the volatile oil and pungent ingredients mainly contained in ginger and its extract are the components of ginger that have therapeutic effects. The nutritional and health effects of ginger oil and ginger extract have been widely recognized, including: ①Promote the digestion of starch, protein, fat, dairy, and fiber in the diet, so as to soothe and balance the digestive system, and promote the absorption of nutrients ②Reduce platelet viscosity and aggregation to support cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis; ③As an anti-inflammatory supplement, reduce pain and swelling caused by joint inflammation and muscle pain; ④Used to relieve pregnant women's vomiting, Relieve motion sickness caused by travel and vomiting after surgery.
In addition, the latest research also found that ginger extract has anti-colitis, reduces vomiting during chemotherapy; controls weight, speeds up metabolism, lowers cholesterol and other effects; its functional components gingerol-6 and gingerol-8 also have the effect of controlling blood sugar.
2. Food field
Ginger oil and ginger extract are an excellent flavoring and flavoring agent for foods and beverages. Ginger tea, ginger candy and other products are deeply loved by consumers. In addition, chocolate, energy bars, yogurt, ice cream and other foods are increasingly introducing the unique flavor of ginger to meet the current people's pursuit of pleasant aroma and spicy flavor. .
3. The field of personal care products
Ginger oil has been widely used as a single or compound essential oil. It is a warming essential oil, which has the effects of dissipating blood congestion and promoting blood circulation, helping women improve their physique of deficiency and cold, relieve fatigue, and warm emotions.
The gingerol, gingerone and gingerol in ginger oil can normalize blood circulation on the head skin, promote scalp metabolism, activate hair follicle tissue, strengthen hair roots, effectively prevent hair loss, gray hair, and stimulate new occurrences long. In addition, ginger oil blending in the shampoo can also dispel wind, and has a certain therapeutic effect on migraines and periodic headaches.

Ginger extract is the nutrient elements of ginger extracted through a series of processing processes using ginger as a raw material. People with poor digestive function can use ginger extract, which has a good digestive aid for mild stomach discomfort. Car motion sickness, pregnancy vomiting, choosing ginger extract to use can be mentioned to prevent nausea and vomiting.
Ginger extract can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, or in the food processing industry. Usually when engaged in food additive applications, they can be called the best antioxidant and preservative. Ginger extract is added to the food, which is safe without any side effects and can extend the shelf life of the food. The main ingredients contained in ginger extract are gingerol, ginger alkyne, methylheptenone, etc. You can choose to use ginger extract for colds, stomach cold, vomiting, and more than phlegm and cough.
The market prospect of ginger extract is getting better and better. I hope that all companies must choose some high-quality ginger extracts when purchasing. In the food additive industry, they must choose high-quality extracts, so that they can be guaranteed. Food safety.

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