High Quality Alisma Extract / Alisma Orientalis Extract Powder,Alisma Orientalis powder 5:1

High Quality Alisma Extract / Alisma Orientalis Extract Powder,Alisma Orientalis powder 5:1

key word:Alisma extract
Appearance:Yellow brown fine powder
Heavy metals:≤10ppm
Particle size:100%through 80 mesh

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High Quality Alisma Extract / Alisma Orientalis Extract Powder,Alisma Orientalis powder 5:1

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Herbal extract weight loss Alisma extract 10:1

Product name: alisma extracts, Alisma extract 10:1
English name: Alisma orientale Extract
Plant sources: rhizoma alismatis (Alismataceae) plants Alisma Alisma orientale (Samuels) Juzep. Dry tubers.
Harvest storage: transplanting in late December of that year, most of the leaves yellow when harvest, tubers, dug up to remove dirt, stems, leaves left center lobule, so as not to dry out the black juice, follow with anthracite the dry and hot is put in the basket, hit fibril and coarse skin.
Chemical composition: including xie alcohol A, B, C, alisma alcohol A single acetate, alisma alcohol acetate, B C alisma alcohol acetic acid (vinegar, table alisma alcohol A, alisma azulene, alisma azulene alcohol oxide, 16 beta - methoxy alisma alcohol acetate, B 16 beta hydroxy alisma alcohol acetate, B sitosterol - 3 - O - stearic acyl - beta - D - pyran glucose glucoside.Also contains choline, sugar, and potassium, calcium, magnesium and other elements.

raw material : Alisma

Medicinal efficacy:

1 fall hematic fat action, alisma extract on experimental hypercholesterolemia rabbits have obvious cholesterol-lowering effect and resistance to atherosclerosis, by the separation of A and B and alisma alisma alcohol alcohol acetate A, B, C, except alisma alcohol B has A significant role in cholesterol.In experimental hyperlipidemia rats with 0.1% of the content in the feed, can make the blood cholesterol fell by more than 50%, of which alisma alcohol A - 24 - acetate strongest.Alisma ethanol extract, ethanol extract of ethyl acetate extract, etc., on experimental hypercholesterolemia rabbits and rats have fall hematic fat action.Ethyl acetate extract and its not soluble in acetic acid monohydrate residual part of the strongest.The ethyl acetate extract daily oral 1 g/kg, normal for feeding to ordinary feed also has obvious cholesterol in rats.Use with A table notation to prove, alisma alcohol A has the ability to inhibit mouse small intestine esterification of cholesterol, and can reduce cholesterol in rat small intestine absorption rate of 34%, but not influence the absorption of linoleic acid.
2 the role of the cardiovascular system: alisma extract to the dog and the rabbit intravenous, have mild antihypertensive effect, and continue to about 30 minutes.Alisma rubbing alcohol for a variety of experimental animals have mild antihypertensive effect, its antihypertensive effect is not obvious influence of plasma renin and ACE activity or aldosterone levels.In vitro from rabbit aorta conditions caused by adrenaline contraction have slow relaxation effect.Alisma rubbing alcohol can inhibit induced by angiotensin the contraction of rabbit aorta, its effect is dose dependent.Alisma rubbing alcohol with heart perfusion in vitro technology is reducing cardiac output and heart rate and left ventricular pressure, but can increase coronary artery flow


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