What Are Socalled Probiotics?

Sep 05, 2019

Probiotics are living microorganisms which have health benefits on human body. There are many kinds of probiotics like Lactobacillus sp., Bifidobacterium sp., yeast...

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Probiotics can relieve lactose intolerance, treat diarrhea caused by the virus, improve intestinal dynamics, reduce cholesterol and so on.

1. Probiotics can promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients: probiotics make digestive enzymes that, together with those made in animals, are involved in the digestion of nutrients in the gut.

2. Improve immunity: The structure of probiotics, such as peptidoglycan lipoteichoic acid, can play a direct role in immune activation as antigens.

3. Maintain the structural balance of intestinal flora.

4. Improve meat quality:Probiotics can slow down the formation of methemoglobin by inhibiting lipid peroxidation, thus improving the brightness of muscles.

5. Increases antioxidant levels in the body.


Probiotics are widely used in the fermentation dairy.

For the crowd: 

1. People with weakened immune systems who are prone to colds and intestinal diseases;

2. Constipation and diarrhea;

3. People with indigestion;

4. People with weak bowel function.

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