Fruit And Vegetable Powder Promotion

Dec 30, 2016

                        Fruit and Vegetable powder promotion

Here are the detail list:

Fruit Powdervegetable powderFreeze-dried powder
Dark Plum Fruit PowderWheat Grass PowderInsect Active Protein Powder
Dragon Fruit PowderBarley Grass PowderChicken Testicular Powder
Pomegranate PowderMatcha PowderSheep Testicular Powder
Juicy Peach PowderFungus PowderSheep Placenta Powder
Raspberry PowderGinger PowderSheep Embryo Powder
Cranberry PowderCucumber PowderPig Pancreas Powder
Hawthorn PowderTomato PowderSheep Liver Powder
Mulberry PowderCarrot PowderRoyal Jelly Powder
Kumquat PowderPumpkin PowderBlueberry Powder
Sydney PowderCabbage PowderPizzles Powder
Banana PowderLeek PowderOx Brain Powdr
Papaya PowderBitter Melon PowderOyster Powder
Jujube PowderBeet Root PowderCelery Powder
Orange PowderBlack Carrot PowderSquid Powder
Grape PowderBroccoli PowderOnion Powder
Goji PowderSpinach PowderKiwi Powder

If you need any of them, just send e-mail to [email protected]

Quotation will be send ASAP.

Orders confirmed between Jan.1 to Jan. 20 will get 5%-10% discount according to your quantity.

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High Quality and Inexpensive product !

We are waiting for you !!!

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