A Traning Of Foreign Trade Culture

Mar 14, 2018

A traning of foreign trade culture

Today we have a meeting and discuss the trend of our business.This will help us to find better striving directions. We using Alibaba and foreigh trade tools. Today we learned more about the Alibaba tools to generalize our products, we have cooperate with Alibaba for 10 years. We will continue use this platform.



We are manufacure of herbal extracts for many years, we export many Traditional Chinese Medicine Extract Powder, One of our main products is Shilajit Extract, the raw materials is come from Overseas.

And this product have many benifit if it used in drinks and foods.

A lot of the USA beverage companies start to use it in Drinks. this is a new found for this product.

We have many stocking for this product and with the lowest price and best qualtity.

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