Wheat Oligopeptides Powder

Wheat Oligopeptides Powder


Main ingredients: wheat protein, oligopeptide
Parts Used: Seeds
Color: White or light gray powder.
Mesh: 100% over 80 mesh
Odor: special odor
Storage method: sealed, protected from light, stored in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life: In the case of meeting the storage requirements, the shelf life is 2 years.





Product Introduction

Wheat Oligopeptides Powder is made from wheat gluten. After protein extraction from natural wheat protein powder, it is a small molecule polypeptide substance obtained by directional enzyme digestion and specific small peptide separation technology. As a raw material, the composition of this product is similar to the peptide composition obtained by the body's gastrointestinal tract digestion.

Wheat Oligopeptides Powder

Health Benefits

1. Wheat peptide can promote insulin secretion. The functional substance is oligomethionine. It can be used to regulate a person's blood sugar and improve diabetes symptoms.

2. ACE inhibition, immune regulation, antioxidant and other biological activities: it can stimulate the proliferation of lymphocytes in the body, enhance the phagocytic function of macrophages, improve the body's ability to resist infection by external pathogens, and reduce the body's morbidity.

3. Lowering blood pressure: Wheat Peptides are proteolytic products of wheat. It can inhibit the activity of the angiotensin-converting enzyme, so that angiotensinogen cannot be converted into angiotensin II, which can increase blood pressure. Thereby it reduces blood pressure physiologically.

Product Usage

1. Clinical drugs: Wheat Oligopeptides Powder are widely used in clinical drugs.

2. Health products: One of the characteristics of wheat oligopeptides is that it contains high glutamine, which can also be used as a unique nutrient for intestinal dysfunction.


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