Mung Bean Oligopeptides Powder

Mung Bean Oligopeptides Powder


Active ingredient content: mung bean peptide 98%
Part Used: Mung Bean Protein Powder
Color: Light yellow to off-white powder
Mesh: 100% over 80 mesh
Odor: special odor
Storage: sealed, protected from light, stored in a cool and dry place.
Shelf Life: In the case of meeting the storage requirements, the shelf life is 2 years.





Product Description

Mung Bean Oligopeptides Powder is obtained from mung bean protein powder using enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Mung beans are rich in protein and rich in various amino acids. At the same time, it is also rich in various vitamins and various trace elements. It is used in dietary supplement formulations and can be used to compress and fill capsules.

Health Benefits

1. Different from other peptide substances, mung bean peptide can be dissolved not only in water, but also in alcohol;

2. Good taste and good water solubility;

3. It has good stability, the acid and heat components do not change, and the solubility is not affected;

4. Mung Bean Oligopeptides Powder has abundant branched chain groups, and the content is ≥20%;

5. Low free radical content ensures the purity of the product;

Why choose Jintai Biological?

★Strong Trade Capacity: Annual production of 500 tons as a manufacturer and explored market around the world.

★Workshop Production Line: dynamic countercurrent extraction, column separation, membrane separation technology, efficient counter-current extraction, microwave drying, spray drying hormones.

★Advanced Equipment: liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, magnetic drive autoclave and advanced testing, experimental, pilot equipment.

★Quality Assurance System: ISO9001, KOSHER, HALAL international quality system certification.

jintai biotech factory

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