What are the uses of rutin powder?

Nov 03, 2020

Rutin powder can be used as a dietary antioxidant and nutrient enhancer.

Rutin is found chiefly in some plants,such as Ruta graveolens L. ; Scphora japonica L. ; Hypericum aseyron L.; Berchemia polyphylla Wall, var leioclada Hand. - Mazz ; Mallotus japonicus Muell . - Arg ; Fagopyrum esculentum Moench and so on.

Rutin is rich in vitamin P. Rutin powder has heat-clearing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects. It can eliminate free radicals and has certain antioxidant effects on the body.Also can protect gastric mucous membrane, also have certain precautionary effect to osteoporosis.Of course, it also has a lowering effect on blood sugar.Additional, have the action of fight cancer, bacterium likewise, analgesia.

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