Nov 01, 2019

What’s the Peptide?The amino group of one amino acid can condense with the carboxyl group of another amino acid to form a peptide, forming an amide group called a peptide bond in protein chemistry. Amino acids are the smallest molecules and proteins are the largest. Two or more amino acids dehydrate and condense to form several peptide bonds to form one peptide. Proteins are sometimes called polypeptides. Dipeptide is a protein fragment composed of two amino acids.


Classification of Peptide: Common peptides include Dipeptide, Tripeptide, and even Polypeptide, etc. 2~10 peptides belong to oligo-peptide and 10~50 peptides belong to Polypeptide. Generally, those with less than 10 peptides have better medical and commercial applications


There are many traditional ways to get peptides. Traditional methods mainly include microbial fermentation, acid, alkali, electric, artificial grafting, gene expression, enzymatic hydrolysis, etc.


It is mainly divided into medical peptide drugs, peptide antibiotics, vaccines, agricultural antimicrobial peptides, feed peptides, cosmetics, food soy peptide, corn peptide, yeast peptide, sea cucumber peptide.


Human cell renewal, metabolism, growth, repair are inseparable from the peptide, peptide is the form of life, no peptide, no cell activity;Without peptides, organs have no vitality;Without peptides, life would be impossible to live.Peptide occupies the most fundamental position in the seven nutrients of human beings.Its discovery and application are of epoch-making significance to the healthy development of mankind.Medical experts agree that the 21st century is the century of peptides.


In 2011, the development of peptide drugs has expanded to various fields of disease prevention and treatment, Active peptide, has a very close relationship

with nutrition, hormone, enzyme inhibition, immune regulation, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant.

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