King of Hundred Medicines-Ginseng

Dec 13, 2019

Ginseng is one of the three treasures of the Northeast. Because it looks like a humanoid model, it is called ginseng. When it comes to tonics, probably the first thing many people think of is ginseng, which is almost synonymous with tonics! It is the head of traditional Chinese medicine supplements, known as the king of hundred medicines.


The main ingredients in ginseng are panaxoside A, B, C, D, E, F, amino acid and other nutritional ingredients. As we all know, the most significant feature of ginsenoside is that it can improve the body's immunity. In addition, it also does help on Anti-oxidation and anti-fatigue. It can improve the regulating function of the brain, help to calm the emotions, is particularly suitable for mental workers, can improve work efficiency and learning results, make the brain thinking clearer, less prone to fatigue and drowsiness.


We have ginseng extract powder panaxoside content from 10% to 80% which can be used on health care products and food. As a leading manufacturer of natual plant extracts in China, Jintai always try to give customers the best quality and service! We have strict control on every step of production. We also produce other natural plant extracts that can be used in cosmetics and medicine. They are very helpful on skin-whitening, weight loss and keeping health.

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