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Mar 11, 2017

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Our Main Product:
Blue berry Extract/BilberryExtract/BluehoneysuckleExtracts/Cranberry Extract/
Echinacea purpurea Extract/Cinnamon Bark Extract/Oat Extract/Hawthorn Fruit Extract/Hawthorn Leaf Extract/Pomegranate Extract/Black Cohosh Extract/Ivy Extract/Cistanche Tubulosa Extract 

Freeze dried fruit is made from well-chosen superior fresh fruit, using the world's advanced
technology-vacuum freeze drying technology in low temperature. The fresh fruit are peeled,
denucleated, the sarcocarp is frozen directly and quickly in piece or whole, and then frozen in vacuum,
dried in the dry house, turned into natural delicious fruit chips by sublimation. This kind of fruit chips
keep the taste, color, natural vitamin, dietary fiber, trace element of the fresh fruit in the best. It doesn't
content any antiputrefactiva and pigmentum.
Freeze dried fruit are up to the mustard of HACCP. All the original and end product are test at any
time to ensure the quantity and safety.
We devote ourselves in supplying natural, delicious, nourishing and safe food for you all the time.

Freeze dried fruit advantage

Nutrient retention reach more than 90%!
Istead of fresh fruit for your trip!
It is new fashion!
Not sundried, not preserved fruit, not fried, not puffed food!
No antiputrefactiva, no cholesterol!
Because the freeze dried banana powder is made from well chosen fresh banana, and it keeps the
original color and taste and nutrition of the fresh banana, all of the characters make the freeze
dried banana powder become the unique natural healthy green food additives. No matter for food
factories or families, it is easy to be food additives for the bread or cakes or any other food you
want. It is also safe for little babies.

We also produce Echinacea Extract, Feverfew Extract,Ginseng Extract, Blueberry Extract, 
Black Cohosh Extract, Cranberry Extract, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, 
Green Tea Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Grape seed extract,
Epimedium Extract, Maca Extract, Rhodiola Rosea extract, pueraria mirifica powder extract, 
gynostemma extract, aloe vera extract, angelica sinensis extract, lotus leaf extract, 
Rose Hips Extract, valerian root extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, passiflora incarnata extract,
fruit juice powder and so on.

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