China Top Level Freeze Dried Aloe Vera Gel Powder

Mar 11, 2017

Product Description

Product Name: China Top Level Aloe Vera Powder
Appearance: Orange brown powder 
Applications: Dietary supplements, skin care products and beverages industry 

Process Summary: 
1. This product is extracted from the fresh aloe vera leaves after being washed/sterilized and dispatched, and    extracted by the modern juice extractor. 
2. Decolorize and filter the juice, and seperate it by Membrane Separation; 
3. The concentrate juice is freeze dried to be made into 95% FD aloe vera powder. 

Aloe Vera powder is rich in aloe polysaccharides(aloverose), protein, organic acid, amino aid, microelements and other active ingredients. It is effective to improve human immunity, bowel movements, remove specks for beauty, resist oxidation, maintain moisture, diminish inflammation, reduce blood fat and sugar, nourish liver and so on. Additionally, it is a kind of advanced industrial materials widely applied in food/cosmetics/health supplements/drugs/sanitary accessories productions. 

1. To be bactericidal & anti-inflammatory, antidotal; 
2. To keep moistening & beauty, anti - aging; 
3. To improve stomach & bowel movements; 
4. To strengthen immunity, anti-tumors; 
5. To protect from sunburn, insects, putrescence, and body odors; 
6. To strengthen heart and invigorate the circulation of blood. 

COA for reference:

Character  ConformsOrange brown powder 
GMO Free Free
Odor Characteristic aloe, no offensive odorCharacteristic aloe
Aloverose  (mg/kg)ConformsMin 8.0×104 
Aloin  (1% solution)ConformsMax 0.1ppm
Moisture ConformsMax 8.0%
Absorbency (400nm)ConformsMax 0.20
PH ValueConforms3.5~5.0
Heavy Metals 

Heavy Metals (Pb) ConformsMax 2.0ppm
Heavy Metals (As) ConformsMax 1.0ppm
Copper (Cu)  ConformsMax 10 ppm
Mercury (Hg)ConformsMax 0.01 ppm


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