Frankincense Extract, Frankincense Extract 65% Boswellic acid, Frankincense Extract

Frankincense Extract, Frankincense Extract 65% Boswellic acid, Frankincense Extract

English name: Boswelia Serrata Extract
Latin Name: Boswellia Serrata
CAS No.: 631-69-6
Molecular forula:C30H48O3
Molecular Weight: 456.7
Active ingredients: Boswellic Acid
Specification: 45% 65% 10:1
Use Part : Shell
Appearance: Yellow-white powder
Mesh size:80 Mesh
Test Method: HPLC
Storage: Store in cool and dry area, keep away from moisture and strong light, heat.
Shelf life: Two years if properly stored.
Packing: 25kgs one drum
Sample: 10-20g
Payment: We recieve Paypal, West union and t/t in advance
Certificate: ISO9001 FDA BV

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Frankincense Extract, Frankincense Extract 65% Boswellic acid, Frankincense Extract

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Frankincense Extract



Boswellic acids are a series of pentacyclic triterpene molecules which are produced by plants in the genus Boswellia. Like many other terpenes, boswellic acids appear in the resin of the plant which exudes them; it is estimated that they make up 30% of the resin of Boswellia serrata. The boswellic acids are organic acids, consisting of a pentacyclic triterpene, a carboxyl group and at least one other functional group. Alpha-boswellic acid and beta-boswellic acid, C30H48O3 both have an additional hydroxyl group; they differ only in their triterpene structure. Acetyl-alpha-boswellic acid and acetyl-beta-boswellic acid, C32H50O4, replace the hydroxyl group with an acetyl group.



1.With the function of detumescence, olibanum extract powder is use to treat red and swollen;

2.Olibanum extract with the function of relieving pain and invigorating the circulation of blood;

3.Olibanum extract powder used for bleeding sore and chest/abdominal pains caused by blood stasis, often with myrrh; 

4.Olibanum extract powder used for treatments of stomachache due to emotional depression and the hyperactive liver-qi attacking the stomach, often with rhizoma cyperi and Radix Curcumae.  

Packing & Transportation: 

Q: How to Pack?
A: 1-10kg with double plastic bag inside,foil bag outside,finally with carton box
10-20kg with double plastic bag inside,carton box outside
>25kg double plastic bag inside,fiber drum outside
Net Weight: 25kgs/Drum Gross Weight: 28kgs/Drum
Drum Size & Volume: I.D.42cm × H52cm, 0.08 m³/ Drum
Q: How to Deliver?
A: We can send via DHL,TNT,EMS,Fedex etc.
Also Airway and Seaway is accepted.Or negotiated.


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